A Community Arts Project in Penwortham, Preston, Lancashire

Almost all of us express ourselves through art when we are children. We draw for fun, to explore the world around us or to describe things visually. Many of us stop drawing as we get older, we might think that we are not "good enough" to continue, or that it holds no purpose. Yet we still apreciate the importance of art and when words are not enough to express ourselves we return to visual representaion suchas drawing a map when giving directions.

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Why should you draw and paint?

The very process of producing art has huge benefits that can be enjoyed by everyone. Creating art can reduce stress and anxiety and also help with depression and traumaVisual Art improves our health and well being and has been shown to improve functional brain connectivity.

Expressing yourself in a creative manner can be lots of fun but documenting life and its problems through narrative can also help us to deal with issues and contextualise them.

Drawing in a group or sharing art with others also brings social aspects to many artists who would otherwise work in isolation. Even if you only ever share your art online being part of a community of artists has great benefits.

What is "Continuing Art"?

Our mission...

- To encourage adults to draw and be creative
- To use art for therapy, relaxation, expression, cognitive development
- To develop the skills of new, returning and improving artists
- To promote drawing from life and imagination
- To give feedback and guidance
- To embrace freedom and expressive thought
- To provide exhibition opportunities for all

What we do...

- Drawing and composition
- Drawing in perspective
- Drawing shading and light
- Urban sketching sessions
- Guerilla sketching sessions
- Developing a sketchbook habbit
- Classical drawing techniques
- Introduction to pencil sketching
- Introduction to chalk pastels
- Introduction to oil painting
- Sketch a day programme

How we do it...

- Workshops and classes
- Communal drawing sessions
- Urban and Guerilla sketching
- Social Media groups
- Gallery and exhibition support
- Artist support and feedback
- Mentoring programmes

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